LI-LIHONG - Protrait

Born in 1974 at Jingdezhen in China.

Living in Shanghai, China.


Li Lihong, a native of Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province, a town known as the “Porcelain Capital” with a long history of producing pottery.

He learned the ceramics with a foremost master Qin Xiling. Different from his teacher’s traditional works, Li lihong was inspired by the Chinese great ceramic creations and in which he added the contemporary elements.

Nourished by this centuries-old technique and surrounded by those extraordinary ceramic creations of China, Li Lihong has always dreamed of being an outstanding ceramist since his childhood. The ancestors’ creations and the guide of Qin Xiling, all bring a modern feeling into his works.

By interiorising all the influences of contemporary society, from the public to the consumption culture (with the arriving of international companies in China, like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s ), Li Lihong retranslated this traditional quality of pottery, the contrast between modernity and tradition, and also the culture collision between western and eastern into his ceramics.

With the most experienced Chinese ceramists, Li Lihong achieved this amazing mixture of minimaliste forms, geometric and curved lines for surpassing the limit of traditional ceramic. With these elements of daily life, he also conveys the change of Chinese society and its assimilative capacity of various cultures with which the society is confronted.



New Space Soft Opening Exhibition, ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai, China

“10 Years of Love” , ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai, China



Solo exhibition "VIGOR - CHINA", ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai, China

Gallery Selection, Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York, USA

Art Wynwood, Miami, USA



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Global Village - Touring group exhibition, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark

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“The New Blue and White”, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA



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Beijing International Art Biennale, China

SOFA, Chicago, USA

Asia Contemporary Art Fair, Miami, USA

Art Rotterdam 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands



“ Merry Christmas – China”, Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai (solo show)

CHINA NOW, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, the Netherlands



Shanghai Biennale : Hyper Design, Shanghai Art Museum, China



The 2nd Beijing International Biennale of Art, Beijing, China

Chinese Contemporary Young Ceramic Artist Invitation exhibition, Guangzhou,China

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