It's in the world of Gillaume Piechaud, an artist out of commune, not only a goldsmith or engraver, but also sculptor and designer that you plunge in the new exhibition at the Gallery Loft. Through a list of patterns and shapes oneiric, Gillaume Piechaud becomes the creator of his own world. It recreates a visual universe full of metal fauna’s forms at once astonishing and seductive, primal and fantastic. Through this new exhibition and the catalog dedicated to him, his creatures are revealed to us. Their mirror polished stain- less steel’s skin, a material naturally so cold, however filled of warmth and softness thanks of the shape and brightness of the objects. Indeed, it is very strong taste for the light, artist has grown over the years, that gives these works their uniqueness. Light emitted by the object, light absorbed by the object, lighting, reflection, propagation ... Guillaume Piechaud creates sculptors of the real and the unreal; metal sculptor, a sculptor of light.

What an inventions in the simplicity ! The forms are refined to the point of becoming obvious when the density and precision of the structure are present at all times, sensitive ...

Drops of thoughts metal, designed and executed as aircraft wings, aerodynamics and perfection is what summarizes the work of William Piechaud. The curves are voluptuous but never evasive, they remain, against all odds, strong and powerful. Given his works can not really know if the furniture has become jewelry or if it is a jewel that was converted into furniture.


Publishing Day : 2011 Illustrations Colors Language : Texts in French and English

Executive director: Malika Vinot

Coordination : Yvonne Meurant, Li-Ting Hung

rédits photographiques : Galerie Loft Patrick Valéro Marc Martinon David Bordes

Editor : Éditions Loft Jean-François Roudillon, 

Catalogue Guillaume Piéchaud, 2011