Using painting, sculpture, prints, Antonio SeguÍ explored the complexity of man subject to modern lifestyle. Through Golfista, SeguÍ resumes an emblematic figure of his work, here under the distorted features of an 8 meters-high golfer hurrying along on the green. As on a snapshot, SeguÍ captures with irony a character with a stately demeanor and fixed grin, caught up in a mad dash. Golfista is part of a series of monumental works started in 1994 with El Viajero, a painted steel sculpture installed in Bogota (Colobia) and scattered over the globe : El Hombre urbano in 1999, Cordoba (Argentina) : Tango in 2004 at Château de Gages (Belguim) and El Angel in 2009 at the school of Visual Arts of Châtellerault (France).


Steel, epoxy painting,

Dimension : 8 x 4.3 m,

Weight : 7t,

Thickness : 60 cm.


2013 Golfista (monumental sculpture ) for sculpture park Al Maaden, Maroc


Antonio SEGUÍ

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Dimensions L: 430 x W: 60 x H: 800 cm

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