Raphaëlle Bertran Pinheiro

Born in 1992, Raphaëlle Bertran Pinheiro obtained Master 2 in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art at the Sorbonne Paris IV…


Born in 1992, Raphaëlle Bertran Pinheiro obtained Master 2 in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art at the Sorbonne Paris IV University in 2014 before starting training at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris where she obtained her first diploma at the Atelier Dominique Gauthier in 2018 then National Diploma in Plastic Arts at the Atelier Marc Desgrandchamps in 2020. She also participated in an international exchange by studying at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg in 2019.

Winner of the Alberic Rocheron Painting Prize awarded by the French Academy in 2021, she was also selected for the Société Générale Collection Prize the same year and for the Prix des Amis des Beaux-arts de Paris in 2018.

Her works have been presented since 2017 on the occasion of collective exhibitions organized by the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and several pieces from the exhibition of her works “Soleils” are selected in 2021 to be exhibited throughout the year been at the Galerie LOFT, Paris and to integrate the bottom of the gallery.

“These compositions appear as a compendium of human history, a universe where the absurd, terror and life force combine like a very current reflection of the world, a topicality restored from scenes borrowed from the material of the past.”

Interview with Marc Desgrandchamps, January 2020

Raphaelle Bertran Pinheiro’s works are constructed like painted oxymorons.

Marked by what the artist claims as a “disturbing strangeness” and nourished by in-depth readings of Nietzsche, Bataille and Blanchot, they come in the form of narrative fragments. The mixture of many details and figures, both borrowed from the history of art and from her own visual lexicon, then disturbs the viewer’s perception by thwarting any possibility of an all-encompassing reading of the work. The backgrounds of neutral and dark colors on which her figures are placed, large “arid” black or gray expanses punctuated by a few natural elements, rocky mountains or lakes and inspired by the ahistorical landscapes of Philippe Garrel or Jodorowsky, further amplify the timeless dimension. The paintings reinforce the “disarray” (in the Blanchotian sense of the term) caused by this loss of bearings and the multitude of possible scenarios.

Although the work of Raphaëlle Bertran, whose painted works but also videos and stories interpenetrate and influence each other, is a form of creation that is similar to the automatic writing used by the surrealists, her creative process is strongly marked by a form of “sacrificial aesthetics”. The accumulation of literary and historical images and references that obsess her systematically leads to the establishment of disturbing universes where man, devoid of any prohibitions and any morality, sometimes even disfigured, gives in to her passions. and its impulses in a world on the verge of collapse. It is powerless for the spectator to witness the collapse of the world or the tragic and imminent death of the hero, evoked by the use of the bomb which serves as the basis for the execution of the figures, producing a whitish halo which amplifies their ghostly appearance. The sacred itself ends up being perverted. Angels rub shoulders with monsters and all the landscapes (flames, deluge, etc.) symbolize the chaos and the apocalypse about to occur. True freeze frames, Raphaëlle Bertran’s paintings are therefore both cries of warning about an impending disaster as much as open windows on the poetic and tragic eternal repetition of the absurdity of human behavior. The figure of the sun, also recurring in tragedy, is also a key element of her work. It is a sun that dazzles beings and drives people mad, a mystical and enigmatic star, beyond ther world, which once again underlines the complexity of these works composed of different levels of reading, like the figure of the crow, both a symbol of bad omen and a discreet self-portrait (meaning of the surname Bertran).


DNSAP, Atelier Marc Desgrandchamps
École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Dominique Gauthier workshop
École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts

Master 2 of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
Sorbonne Paris IV

Literary preparatory class
Condorcet High School, Paris 9th


Antoine Marin Painting Prize (1st place)

Alberic Rocheron Painting Prize

Societe Generale Collection Prize

Prize of the Friends of Beaux-Arts de Paris


Personal exhibitions

Exposition «À première vue», Galerie LOFT, Paris

DNSAP « Soleils »
École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris

Exposition privée groupe M.V.A. (Méducin, Vergès & Associés)
Couvent des Soeurs Missionnaires de Notre-Dame d’Afrique, Paris

Prix des Amis des Beaux-arts, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
DNAP « TRAGEDIES / Alcohol, Crashes and Burning Houses”, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris

Collective exhibitions

25e Prix de Peinture, municipal gallery Julio Gonzalez - Arcueil
"Corps & Âmes", Galerie LOFT, Paris
« 100% l'EXPO » Exposition collective de Festival 100% Grande Halle de La Villette, Paris
Exposition collective « Elle(s) », Galerie Loft, Paris

Exposition collective « A Great Opening »
9 avenue denis Papin 92350


Villa Belleville, Paris