Molecular armchair White Bernard Quentin

  • Dimensions : 60 × 150 × 112 cm
  • Year : 1966
  • Material : Colored PVC
  • Editions : Edition of 600
  • Signature : Signed in the mold
Art for all

800.00 inc. Vat

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About the work

“Bernard Quentin what have you just done? well I’ve simply blown up a balloon and given it life. It’s a simple envelope that takes a shape and evolves. Since I can’t represent reality as I see it, I try in fact to apprehend in a tactile manner, the intimate rhythms, even the great cosmic rhythms and all the mystery of biology” interview with Bernard Quentin, INA, 1968.

The Molecular armchair is impregnated of all the life, the rhythms and the plenitude that Bernard Quentin brings to his works. It maybe expresses, better than any other work, the poetry, the magic and the futurism of this work imagined in 1966, but has had to wait till today to be produced. This innovative force as well as its incredible maturity makes it a compulsory work for the Art For All collection.

About the artist • Bernard Quentin

Art is a language, a unique form of expression that allows artists to experiment as well as for the public to have intense and new feelings. Amongst these artists that have in the 20th century known how to question the world, there is a man who, in his 96th year of age, has preserved his desire to explore and continues to work on these ways to communicate. BERNARD QUENTIN was born in 1923 in Flamicourt (Picardie, France). After the Second World War he starts to produce works that have writing as basis, assuming that the ideal form to unite people is language.  During his relentless quest to conceive universal signs, he comes to make monumental pieces, but also starts using original materials or tries to establish a real “semiology” of art.

1966 – Ed. 2020
Inflatable PVC furniture
H.60 x L.150 x D.112 cm
H. of the seat : 40 cm
Edition of 600 copies
Signed below
Dim. of the box : H. 23 x L. 48 x P. 27,5 cm
Inflate & Deflate Electric Air Pump inclus (230V, Type C)

2021, AERODREAM, Centre Pompidou-Metz , France
2020, Le siège se révolte, Musée Saint Quentin, Yvelines, France