Mini Michelin China – Silver LI LIHONG

  • Weight : 0.855 kg
  • Dimensions : 10 × 9 × 8 cm
  • Year : 2020
  • Material : Cast Iron
  • Editions : Edition of 999
  • Signature : Signed below
Art for all

300.00 inc. Vat

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The work

“Even the workers who do the smallest tasks accomplish an important work every day." François Michelin, Michelin Special Edition, Ed. La Montagne, 2007

At the crossroads of the cultures and the worlds, Li Lihong never ceases to amaze us with his hybrid figures resulting from the meeting of art and contemporary iconography.

His latest work, Michelin China, borrows its form as much from religion as from advertising. In a meditative pause, a Michelin man, famous icon of the French brand which evokes gastronomy and luxury around the world, transforms into Buddha. The serene face brings a deep sense of calm and relaxation that contrasts with the culture shock. As for the colors and patterns that adorn this work, it refers to temple idols, sometimes ancestral Chinese porcelain, all reminds us that Li Lihong knows how to create the bridges between the traditional and the contemporary. Thanks to this sculpture included in the ART FOR ALL collection, the artist makes us smile as much as he makes us dream, projecting us into the heart of his universe. A real concentre of bliss.


Edition "ART FOR ALL" by Loft Gallery,
2020, Cast iron,
Silver color,
Blue cloud patterns,
H. 10 x L. 9 x D. 8 cm - 855 gr.
Signed below and numbered 999 copies.
Dimensions of the box (with protective case): H. 11 x 15 x 15 cm

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Born in 1974 in Jingdezhen, a city that has been considered for centuries as the world capital of porcelain, LI LIHONG started his training of the arts of ceramics at a very young age under the supervision of the great master Qin Xiling. Even if his work finds inspiration in the traditional royal porcelains, that have made the reputation of his village, Li Lihong conceives his works with a completely contemporary approach. He reinvents Chinese porcelain in a radical manner; after having taken in all the different international influences (publicity, consumer society...) that the Chinese assimilated after the implantation on their terri- tory of worldwide firms such as Coca-Cola or Mac Donald’s in the 1980’s.
With these hybrid works of art Li Lihong transcribes all the ancestral quality of traditional Chinese porcelain now affixed to new shapes born from the meeting of east and west, creating genuine modern icons, that are surprising, fragile and poetic.