Mini Mickey China Ed. 2019 – Gold LI LIHONG

  • Weight : 0.555 kg
  • Dimensions : 7.5 × 9 × 5.4 cm
  • Year : 2019
  • Material : Cast Iron
  • Editions : Edition of 300
  • Signature : Signed on the plaque
Art for all

200.00 inc. Vat

5 in stock

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As he takes into consideration the great symbols of our time, Li Lihong comes to explore some of the greatest icons of our time, in this case the most famous of mice whose figure has become in less that a century a universal symbol linked to childhood and nostalgia.

His “Mickey-China” resumes the outline of the famous ears, that have now become the brand of the Disney empire, transposing them in a harmoniously rounded sculpture, dipped at it’s base in a swirl of waves. The work hence symbolises the encounter of Nature and Culture, both ancestral and in constant movement.

In this Art For All piece, Li Lihong concentrates all the potential of his work in an accessible format, giving us what he does best, an amusing view of today’s world instilled with the irony and harmony of his art.

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