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Publishing Day: 1988

Illustrations: Color

Language : Texts in French and English.

The KRIKI (PEINSIQUEUR) catalog was published by Galerie Loft on the occasion of the personal exhibition from September 15 to October 15 in 1988.

KRIKI founds the painter and gives himself the title of first painter. Origin posed and deposited. Word of mouth eye and ear are now circulating. Air circuit for the sound, the "CUTOUTS" form a passage. 87-88 armed with a cutter, steel blade, KRIKI cuts the canvas. CUTOUTS it's because there was a stencil, a cardboard matrix cut out to come back to the surface. KRIKI heads or tails depicts with a cutter what he paints with a brush. Because there was his culture-generation, music embedded in his colorful skull, KRIKI cuts out to authenticate his-painting culture.