Les nuits des temps Objectal

  • Dimensions : 60 × 120 cm
  • Year : 2011
  • Medium : Mixed media
  • Support : Canvas
  • Editions : Unique work

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This painting is a painting by Objectal. Objectal is a group of two artists: Bernard Dreyfuss and Claude Pougny.  These two artists studied at the National School of Fine Arts, where they met in 1965. It was then after many joint projects that Objectal was created in 1976. As we can see, there is the presence of a bowl. This bowl is not a coincidence and is an integral part of their touch. The bowl is the icon of an everyday object present in almost all their works. He is both an integral part of the painting in figuration, as well as in abstraction since 1978.


Its representations vary according to their forms in history and their geographical locations. Objectal will then study the subject matter of the object. The bowl is then the object of study according to its role, whether decorative, allegorical and/or mythical. The collection becomes a repertoire.  It is part of a series of paintings of the same style. This painting is a mixture of paint, collage and mixed technique. Their painting is both the act and the gesture of painting. They produce their canvases with objects of recovery, found and retransformed. The object is highlighted by its uniqueness and singularity. Although the object of the bowl is recurrent it is never the same story that is told.