Catalogue Raisonné

The history of Loft Gallery was built over the years thanks to encounters with artists of complex, varied and rich universes and the whole hearted motivation of Jean-François Roudillon who actively contributed to the diffusion of their works. This passion appeared during his childhood, as he would meet artists in the gallery his mother held. A profound friendship started with some of them, Philippe Hiquily and César for instance, they helped him to sharpen his tastes and fall in love with sculpture. As he later became the gallery director, he organized many exhibitions that were accompanied of catalogues to promote the work.

However he still wanted to go further. In Philippe Hiquily’s case a question kept coming back: why isn’t there a work of reference that allows the public to discover the extraordinary artist he is, while his colleagues César and Arman are permanently in the limelight? After having insisted for years, Philippe Hiquily finally accepts in 2006 that the team of Loft gallery should undertake the research and archive of his work, this will lead to the completion of his Catalogue Raisonné in April 2012, a year before his death. This Catalogue Raisonné recoups all of the artist’s works and is now the tool of reference for collectors and art admirers.

A year after the publication the Loft Editions team, with the collaboration of Nicolas Marino, went forth with archiving the sculpture work by the Italian and Argentinean artist Francesco Marino di Teana who had just died. During 6 years a tremendous background work lead to a double Catalogue Raisonné dedicated to this artist of ”Architectural sculpture” published by Loft editions in 2019.

Discover Catalogue Raisonné of Hiquily & Marino Di Teana

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