• Weight : 0.53 kg
  • Dimensions : 16 × 6.5 × 6 cm
  • Year : 2020
  • Material : Cast Iron
  • Editions : Edition of 500
  • Signature : Signed on the plaque
Art for all

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MEERKATS with Blue barrel
Edition "Art For All" by Galerie Loft Paris

2020, Painted cast metal,
H.16 x 6.5 x 6 cm, 530 grams,
Dim. of the box : 19 x 12,6 x 9 cm,
Certificate of authenticity included.

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About the Artwork
The wildlife and the animal kingdom have always been choice subjects for Mauro Corda.
To him the years 2000 have been an opportunity to perceive them as beings in mutation (The Criket, 2013; Turtle-shark, 2017), since they are today submitted to great ecological and climatical crises due to Mankind. This interrogation on the undermining of the animal kingdom due man’s actions and the enormous disappearances of species is clearly portrayed in this 2008 work, Meerkat.
These three “desert sentinels”, in alert, find themselves stuck and coated in oil that is leaking from a barrel, as if forever stuck in time. This milestone work of art adapted for the "Art For All" collection reminds us of all the major stakes that tomorrow’s humanity will have to answer to: bioethics and our common responsibility in the preservation of the planet.

About the Artist
The Sculptor MAURO CORDA, of Sardinian origin and born in Lourdes in 1960, has followed sculpture courses at the School of Fine Arts of Reims and then the School of Fine Arts of Paris before obtaining a scholarship to pursue his apprenticeship at the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid. He is an heir of the great tradition of classical sculpture, claiming his affiliation to some great masters whilst also considering that art must question our modern societies. His works constantly reflect on the subjects of difference and exclusion who wrong us in our perception of “normality”.
This committed artwork is both attached to the sensations and feelings one has for the shape, it might be a human or animal one, an aspect where he marvels in the finesse, but also to those of the viewers that are in front of them.
Hustle our usual perspectives, interrogate our certainties, question the apparently unchanging ways in our relations to others, to animality, to the wilderness” press release of the exhibition “Zoospective”Besançon citadel, 2018