• Weight : 0.435 kg
  • Dimensions : 6.2 × 5 × 5 cm
  • Year : 2018
  • Material : Cast Iron
  • Editions : Edition of 300
  • Packing : carton box
Art for all

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By exploring the question of the cultural and social shock between East and West, Li Lihong realizes several series of ceramics from 2007 such as "Mc Donald's - China" or "Nike - China" which will project it on the international art scene. His apple "Apple - China" is undoubtedly his most famous work. By transforming the logo of the famous American company into golden or silver sculptures, decorated with traditional Chinese motifs (dragons, clouds ...) it perfectly symbolizes the complex relationships of these two economic powers, between confrontation and fusion, dialogues and contradictions . For "Art for all", Li Lihong produced an accessible format edition of this legendary work, proving to us how the message conveyed by his works is not limited to their size, and can even be concentrated in the palm of our hands.

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A skillful Chinese ceramic artist, Li Lihong comes indeed from a village well-known for the production of the Royal china porcelain for hundreds of years, where he learned the art of ceramics alongside the Grand Master Qin Xiling. Li Lihong gives a contemporary touch to traditionally painted china, mimicking the shapes of recognizable brands’ logos. His statement is univocal and strong : Western consumerism, in a globalised form, has become integrated into Chinese culture which is in struggle to preserve its integrity and savoir-faire.

However, the tedious and difficult process of production and the fine detailing on the painted glazes counter this blatancy. Li Lihong explores this contrast, a very contemporary Chinese attitude toward the traditional arts. Moreover, the frailty of his artworks and the preciousness of their material add another contrast to the cheapness and ephemerality of mass production and consumption.