SUMMER PREVIEW • ART for ALL • by Galerie Loft

  • Exhibition From 31 July to 31 August 2020

Dear all,


In the end of 2020, LOFT Gallery will mark the launch of a large collection of editions of works by contemporary artists from various origins and universes, united around the brand new concept of “ART FOR ALL, an art work for all ”.

Until here, enjoy a “Summer Preview” now, during the first pieces of this collection are on sale. Indeed, 10 copies of each edition will be presented online, including the parodics Apple China and Mickey China by Li Lihong, the iconic Itaï by Philippe Druillet and the Side Effects by Philippe Huart, as well as previews of two completely new pieces on the Galerieloft.com site, the platforms Artsper.com and Artsy.com : the inevitable work “Homage to Lao Tseu” of Francesco Marino di Teana,  and a Mediterranean landscape “Nice” by Claude Gilli, in homage to the monumental sculpture of 7 meters from the artist who will be installed this summer in his hometown.

So, click here!Looking forward to seeing you again in September with beautiful surprises.


Jean-François Roudillon & The Team Loft