To have a gallery that works alongside artists over the years creates, day after day and for more than 35 years, a world of discoveries and passions. It is established since 1985 in Paris at the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près. This pioneering gallery bears the soul of its founder, Jean-François Roudillon, a passionate art lover and promoter of contemporary art in all shapes and horizons. Far from having built a traditional exhibition space, he prefers to raise a new view on art, as he accompanies over the years his artists and their evolution, introducing new art shapes within his walls.

As we move from Figuration Narrative, the first street artists, to the origins of Chinese contemporary art or the greatest sculptors of your time; be it design, photography, paintings, installations, monumental sculptures or limited editions Loft gallery has, in the last three decades, affixed it’s mark in the contemporary art world by it’s indefectible support to the artists it represents.

Every exhibited work carries it’s own story and every artist’s view enriches the gallery’s unique course. Some of the works by Qiu Zhijie, Sui Jianguo, Chen Man, Philippe Hiquily, Francesco Marino di Teana, Bernard Quentin, Philippe Druillet, Guillaume Piéchaud or Yazid Oulab have become iconic works of our time thanks to the exhibitions, the circulation, the limited editions but also publications (monographs and the 2 Catalogue Raisonné of Francesco Marino di Teana and Philippe Hiquily) Loft gallery did. As you browse this website you can impregnate the universes of each one of theses artists, travel between the worlds, the supports, materials, shapes, most diverse colors and explore visual creation from France to China, the Middle East, India, Greece, Argentina, Italy, Indonesia or Iceland.

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