Sculpture has always been at the heart of Gallery Loft’s presentations, be it to show graffiti artists with their use of new materials (Jérôme Mesnager, Kriki…) or to explore a the beginning Chinese contemporary art (Huang Yongping, Wang Keping) it has now taken on a new dimension in the gallery when Jean-François Roudillon undertook to accompany his artists in the making of limited editions of their work. After having participated, from the 1990’s, in making limited editions by sculptors and designers such as Francesco Marino di Teana, Bernard Quentin and Guillaume Piéchaud, Jean-François Roudillon can, in the year 2002 and the great Paris-Pekin event, now present his first edition stamped “Galerie Loft” the dinosaur “Made in China” (a wink to the mass produced toys in China) by Sui Jianguo at 1 000 copies. This new form of distribution of artworks will then be pursued over the years by the making of original editions of great quality by different artists. In 2019, as Jean-François Roudillon’s interest grows for democratizing art it brings him to elaborate the innovative concept of ART FOR ALL. With the principle in mind that art must be addressed to all, not only by visiting exhibitions but also by acquiring artworks, Loft gallery has constituted an incredible collection of iconic works by contemporary artists of different universes and origins that are for sale as limited editions, affordable and of great quality, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and destined to all art admirers and collectors. In parallel, Loft gallery pursues it’s work in promoting monumental artworks destined to be erected in urban spaces or sculpture parks such as the superb pieces that are the “Marathonienne” by Philippe Hiquily or the “Liberté” by Francesco Marino di Teana but also works by Wang Keping, Yazid Oulab, Claude Gilli or Antonio Segui.