Sunil Gawde is an Indian artist born in 1960. A graduate of Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy School of Art in Mumbai…


Sunil Gawde is an Indian artist born in 1960. A graduate of Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy School of Art in Mumbai in 1980, he received the Charles Wallace Prize awarded by the British Council in 1995-1996 and spent a year in artist residency at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.

Sunil Gawde entered the art world as a painter. His abstract paintings, in a very neat and refined style, testify to a meticulousness and precision that will be found in his sculptures and installations a few years later.

In 2005 he presented his first exhibition of sculptures Blind Bulb ect. at the Sakish Gallery in Mumbai. He therefore imposes what will be the guiding thread of his work: a philosophical art based on social reflection. Sculpture becomes his preferred mode of expression, allowing him to answer his questions about time, space and the object.

Sunil Gawde’s art is defined by the recurring presence of paradox, both in plastic, semantic and visual terms. The bucolic register of the vocabulary used by the artist (butterflies, moon, hearts, etc.) contrasts with the raw and industrial materials he uses. For the work Virtually Untouchable, he creates a butterfly whose abdomen is a dagger and the wings are made of razor blades, as well as for the traditional Indian necklace, Virtually Untouchable III, exhibited in 2011 at the Paris exhibition – Delhi – Bombay at the Center Pompidou in Paris and whose blades are now tinted red.

We also observe the artist’s particular interest in everyday objects. Modifying their texture, their size or their context, he diverts and transforms them in order to erect them into powerful symbols.

The titles given by the artist to his works also play an important role, reinforcing the poetic register of his sculptures: Still Alive, Fly Away – Swim Closer, Alliteration… the latter having enjoyed great success at the Venice Biennale in 2009.


As an artist my main interests are perception and reality. (…) My work is an effort to fill the void that separates them.

Perfection is very important to me, beauty is not.

In my eyes / For me / In my mind, the marriage of philosophy, aesthetic technique and materials is the foundation of my creative process.

For me, each work is an attempt to understand the contemporary world a little better, and to decipher its mysteries.



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