Since it was created Loft gallery has always wanted to promote the artists that have marked out their generation, such as those of the Figuration Narrative (Erró – starting in 1985, Klasen, or even Monory, Rancillac and Fromanger). It is also the first gallery to present in its walls exhibitions of street art and graffiti artists using uncommon materials (wooden fences, metal objects…) and to put forward the works of Blek Le Rat (the artist that inspired Banksy), Daniel Baugeste, Jérôme Mesnager or Kriki.

It will also be the first European gallery to exhibit the leading artists of Chinese contemporary art, presenting in preview from 1999 personal exhibitions of artists such as Liu Xiaodong (2001-2005), Liu Wei (2001-2002-2005), Wang Guangyi (2004), Sui Jianguo (2000) or Yang Shaobin (2001). The group show PARIS-PÉKIN, was organized at the Pierre Cardin space in 2002 with the collaboration of the philanthropists and collectors of Asian art Myriam and Guy Ullens, curated by Jean-Michel Willmotte. Its opening was a turning point in the representation of Chinese contemporary art in France and in the world.

For some years Loft gallery has been following an international perspective, opening up to the programming of numerous exhibitions of young artists of distant lands, such as Indonésia (Heri Dono, Agus Suwage), Greece (Christos Kalfas) or Iran (Medhi Mirbagheri, Adel Younesi) while pursuing its support to French painters (Philippe Huart) and Chinese (Li Chaoxiong, Arxlee, Lin Yusi, Ma Sibo, Liu Xintao, Yang Liming, Liu Baomin…)

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