In research of the meaning of life, Li Chaoxiong (Arx Lee), a genius illustrator, gradually creates different poetic universes where…


In research of the meaning of life, Li Chaoxiong (Arx Lee), a genius illustrator, gradually creates different poetic universes where the heroes and dreamers live.

Li Chaoxiong, alias ARX LEE, is a Chinese artist who was born in 1978 in Zhongshan, Canton. In the end of 1990s, he begun to present his early works in group exhibitions in Canton, Beijing and Japan (5th International Exhibition of the Japan Art Academy in 1997). Hence, he started studying at Guangzhou Fine Art School and graduated in 2002. He is as well the author of two poetic and introspective graphic novels: Bilibi in early 2000s and Buda-Pest in 2010, the last one published in three languages and the theme of an exhibition at the Galerie Loft, Paris.

Since his childhood, the artist is immersed in the world of superheroes, cartoons and illustration. Developing his style in different artistic disciplines, such as painting, illustration, design, sculpture and photography, Li has gradually found his own language and mastered the codes of literary narration and of plastic and digital composition. Undoubtedly his unique painting style and figurative language are representative of what China has best to offer among the young generation.

“I grew up with cartoons which are one of my favorite readings, and used to dream of being their heroes. I prefer oil painting because this technique perfectly suits to my way of creation full of details and clean spaces. Like a child, I love being patiently taught. If I have the feeling that it cannot be expressed by brush, then I use pencil instead to write it out. When I start a series, I have already the framework in my head, but the true story,the dream comes to life while painting.”

In order to better express his emotion, Li Chaoxiong leaves his most private reflections pervading in his works and the roles he created. His soul is materialised in his works by following paths of heroes who stand for his personality.

At the very beginning was “Bilibi”, brave, generous, smiley and even a little bit clumsy, who traveled around worlds and planets with carefree lifestyle. Then “Buda”, an amnesiac lunar puppet mad of love for his significant other “Pest” who lost herself on the other side of a crumbling world. For Buda, nostalgia and naivety predominate, as well as tenderness and contemplation, in a universe where everything must be rebuilt.

“Bumi” for his part is a little dreaming astronaut, who symbolises attachement to the world of childhood that we refuse to leave. This is a new project on which the artist has been working for years. A tireless worker and traveler, Bumi is more mature than Bilibi and less anguished than Buda. He always seems to know where he anchors but without a destination, as drifting in an endless dream. By exploring the universe beyond the confined world, Bumi (“Bumi” means “the land” in Sanskrit), like a Buddhist monk, endlessly moves forward into a universe in constant evolution. Closing eyes, he learns to communicate with the others by listening to their feelings and his own heart, rather than by seeing, because sight is easily distracted or corrupted.

In his works, Li Chaoxiong unfolds before our eyes a journey, a metaphor for life as a travel in which the destination is less important than the path we take. With the image of serenity that Bumi exudes, the artist invites us to contemplate his adventures and to listen to our hearts.



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ARX LEE (LI CHAOXIONG), Dreamer Is Beautiful

ARX LEE, Oil Paintings of 'Buda Pest' Series

ARX LEE, Buda - Pest , Story book

ARX LEE, City of love - series 2, "Xiao Xue"
ARX LEE, City of love - series 1, "Happiness at That Time"


Li Chaoxiong - Art Actuel