The passion that Jean-François Roudillon has for sculpture has often brought him to show new fields to his artists and invite them to use new materials in their work. In his eyes creations aren’t limited to partitioned domains, so artistic forms such as high-end furniture and design have always been added to the gallery’s exhibition program. Guillaume Piéchaud is probably the artist that represents best this permeability in artistic boundaries. His conception and production of this work has evolved dramatically since the mid 1990’s. In his works he has modified the shapes, materials, compositions and techniques so much so that now we associate his work to that of design as they bear incredibly strong sculptural esthetics. Other great sculptors such as Philippe Hiquily, Bernard Quentin and Francesco Marino di Teana have also produced pieces of furniture particularly representative of the contemporary design of the 1950’s and 1970’s, whilst perfectly following the line set in their work. Philippe Druillet a key figure of science fiction comic book writing and drawing is no exception. His rare pieces of furniture, made thanks to his collaboration with Loft gallery, are perfect examples of the projection of his unique universe into the world of design. To theses amazing artists we can add that at the heart of Loft gallery’s collections there are innovative and talented designers such as Olivier Moravik, Différent&Différent, Stefan Pichmüller and the LCDA collective whose works bear both the modernity and beauty Loft gallery has upheld for over 30 years.

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