Gustavo Urruty was born in 1966 in an Argentine town of Chascomùs. Did his first studies until he became an…


Gustavo Urruty was born in 1966 in an Argentine town of Chascomùs. Did his first studies until he became an Honorary Bachelor at the Cristo Rey Institute in Lezama. Painted since childhood. At the age of 11, he won the school drawing competition and took painting lessons. Student at the University of Philosophy and Letters of Buenos Aires (UBA), student of Letters and History of Art. At the age of 20, he met the famous Argentinian photographer Aldo Sessa, whose pupil he became. Since 1990 he has been resident in Paris. He became a top model for the prestigious fashion designers of the time and the model for great fashion photographers. He started his “Photographic Intimate Notebooks” from that moment, with Leica M3, a legendary camera from the 1950s until today. His sensitive approach to the subjects he describes during his discoveries, walks and travels, makes his intimate photographs a notebook with universal resonance. At the same time he studied the nude, at the Montparnasse workshops in 1994. He inaugurated his series of “Papers Works” in 1995, with his “Abstract Pastels”, followed by the series “Elements”, then the “Pages qui Volent”, in technique mixed with poems and writings, then “Les Poubelles”, a series of recycled paper, cardboard and paper bags. At the end of 1999, he began the series of “Newspapers” creations of works produced with newspapers from all over the world.

From 2000, he exhibited in Paris, this will be the start of a series of exhibitions in France, Belgium, Argentina, Spain, at the Museo de la Diputaciòn in Malaga, as well as in Mexico, at the fair of contemporary art, MACO. Since then he has returned to geometry and drawing with the theme of his “Da Vinci Code” and develops his work around the “concept of spatial construction” using drawing and various mixed techniques, up to sculpture. In 2007 he founded “Fernelmont Contemporary Art”, a contemporary art festival in Belgium, at the Château de Fernelmont, thus becoming Artistic Director and Curator of exhibitions of contemporary artists. His recent photography exhibitions have found great success, “Amours Nécessaires”, in 2019 in Paris, at the Galerie Loft (rue des Beaux Arts) during the month of photography. He participates in the 2020 Photo Doc Fair with his Solo-Show exhibition “The power of intimacy” (edition suspended and postponed by the Covid and finally carried out the following year). In 2021, he was selected by “Human Rights International” and participated in Italy in the annual exhibition in Trento. This year he is very noticed in Paris by his Solo Show at the Photo Doc 2022 Fair “A(d)venir”. In Arles 2022, from July 2 until September 4 presentation “Aux souls sensible” adaptation of his Solo Photo Show Doc 2022. In preparation “New York, Fin de Siècle” his new exhibition in November in Paris, at the Galerie Loft , with a selection of historic photographs from the 90s in New York City.