Founded in 1985 by Jean-François ROUDILLON, Galerie LOFT is located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and has always been deeply attached in discovering young contemporary artists from all directions, their work motivation and promoting their artwork to Parisians and Europeans collectors.

Since its creation, Galerie LOFT stands up for some of the most outstanding artists of their generation, such as Fernando Canovas or the artists from la Figuration Narrative : Erró (since 1985), Klasen or Monory, Rancillac and Fromanger. She takes part in the diffusion of contemporary artistics movements, such as Street Art and Graffiti,  introducing for the first time in a gallery the work of Blek Le Rat, Baugeste, Jérôme Mesnager or Kriki.

Since thirteen years, Galerie LOFT has become « the » reference in european galleries in the field of chinese contemporary art, by presenting since 1999 monographic exhibitions with a preview of Liu Xiaodong (2001/2005), Liu Wei (2001/2002/2005), Wang Guangyi (2004), Sui Jianguo (2000), Yang Shaobin (2001), Wang Qingsong (2002) or Zhan Wang (2000).

At Paris in 2002, Jean-François ROUDILLON directed the first large-scale exhibition project of Chinese contemporary artists. The pieces of work of 72 creators among the most representative of this movement, brought together by Myriam and Guy ULLENS,  Belgian collectors and patrons of Asia’s art, are unveiled to the french public at the Espace Pierre Cardin, upon an original scenography by Jean-Michel WILMOTTE.

Also, Galerie LOFT is particularly active internationally, organizing a lot of exhibitions and artwork loan of these artists abroad, within institutions and foundations (Hong Kong, Oriente Fundation Macau, FAAP Brésil, Portugal), and participating regularly as a guest in grand events dedicated to the Chinese contemporary art (Shanghai Biennale, Beijing, Guangzhou…).

In parallel, she takes part in the promotion of French artists, in France or in the international scene, for example the project of exhibiting monumental sculptures: weather vane of 12 meters, by French sculptor Philippe Hiquily were bought by the city of Shanghai at the World Expo (2010) and installed in the Jing’An parc. A set of monumental sculptures of French artists (Philippe Hiquily, Quentin Garell, Daniel Hourdé, or Claude Gilli …) and International artists (Antonio Segui Wang Keping, Sunil Gawde), from 3.5m to 15m embellished a golf in Morocco. Two sculptures of 5 meters high by Philippe Hiquily were also exhibited in Paris, at Saint-Germain-des-Prés place at the occasion of numerous events, realised around the artist, as a part of the publication of his catalogue raisonné. Galerie LOFT is now actively preparing catalogue raisonné of sculptor Francesco Marino di Teana, in collaboration with his son Nicolas.