Liu Xintao was born in 1968 in Xichang, in the Chinese province of Sichuan. He graduated from the Sichuan Academy…


Liu Xintao was born in 1968 in Xichang, in the Chinese province of Sichuan. He graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1992. He currently teaches at the Leshan Academy of Fine Arts, and divides his life and work between Beijing and Leshan.

He has exhibited in several Chinese galleries, but also in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has also participated in several collective exhibitions and various fairs, across China, in Hong Kong, at the Suzhou Biennale, in the United States, in Italy or in England.

His works are also present in several public collections, including that of the Wall Art Museum in Beijing, or the Yuehu Art Museum in Shanghai. The artist currently lives and works between Beijing and Leshan and teaches at the same time at the Leshan Academy of Fine Arts.


Liu Xintao’s works present nocturnal visions of urban landscapes, bringing out their fundamental strangeness. In the temporary absence of the sleeping crowds, the omnipresence of the messages of political and economic power shines through, revealing their disturbing nature as organizational devices of public spaces.

But the night also gives a glimpse of the emptiness of this urban layout, its cracks, its flaws, in as many takes. The uniform, geometric and pale appearance of the modern city betrays irremediable defects, and the various manifestations of silent forms of a persistent life still haunt these deserts, wandering or vegetal silhouettes. Liu’s aesthetic peregrinations testify to this deaf and subversive evidence that the city still belongs to whoever knows how to bite into it.



The extractor, Asir Art Museum, Tainan,Taiwan

The Flowers of Evil, Whitebox Art Center, Beijing, China
Sight in the Darkness, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shenzhen, China

Camera Oscura, Galerie Loft, Paris

Spectating – The Land of Desire, Aimer Gallery, Beijing, China

Resplendent Clothing Walking in the Night, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China

Collapse Night, PATA Gallery, Beijing, China

Collapse Night, CVanessa Art Link, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Face of City 1997 - Liu Xintao Oil on Canvas, Sichuan, China


The gaze of histoire, Jupiter Museum of Art, Shenzhen, China

The Other / Self - Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, As a Curator, 798 Rainbow Wall Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Through the walls - Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, White Box Art Center & Better Life Group, Beijing, China
The Third Exhibition of Ta Era“TheZone In-between”, Times Art Meseum, Beijing, China
Spirit Realm Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Center for Exhibition and Convention, Shanghai, China
“Collaboration from Within with Forces from Outside” The First E’mei International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, E’mei International Convention Center, China

Black Dimension : The Gaze of Orpheus, Ying Art Center, Shanghai, China
The Hubbub of Mixed Voice “The True Self-depiction”, 798 Rainbow Wall Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Multiple Dimensions – Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art 2015, E’mei International Convention Center, E’mei China
Meet by Chance – The Contemporary Art Exhibition of Three Artists, Beijing, China
As Far As We See – Chinese New Art at Post Financial Crisis Era, The 2ed Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing, China
Epoch Writing – Chinese Contemporary Invitational – The First Round, Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou, China
Art Contemporain Chinois, Galerie LOFT, Paris, France
Reconstruction of the image-Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Caceres Art Museum,Treviso, Italy
Epoch Writing-Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, The First Round, Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou, China
Seek the Evolution of Black and White - the Academic Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Yagong Art Center, Emei, China

The Second Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale, Basel Suzhou Contemporary of Modern Art Museum, Suzhou, China

The Time Restart Art Group Exhibition, Chongli, China
The Material & The Method in the Painting, Shishang Art Museum, Beijing, China
Urban Anecdotes, Group Exhibition by Li Changlong, Liu Xintao & Wu Yiqiang, Art Experience Gallery, HongKong, China
The Symbolic Power, Jinyi Art Space, Beijing, China
Blue Roof Art Group Exhibition, Chengdu Blue Roof Art District, China

Art & Frontal : Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing, China
Sociological Landscape : The first Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale, Basel Suzhou Contemporary of Modern Art Museum, China
The Body & Beyond, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition International Tour (USA), Rose Company Gallery at Howard Community College, U.S

Basel Contemporary Art Museum Collection, Opening Exhibition Basel Suzhou Contemporary of Modern Art Museum, Suzhou, China
Light, Xichang, China
Chengdu Biennale Exhibition Special Invitation of « Flowing » Contemporary Art Exhibition, Blueroof Art Gallery, Chengdu, China
Ttraverse, China Contemporary Art Exhibition (The second Exhibition), Sicily Gallery, Italy
Luxurious city likes dreams, International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Yue Hu Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Ttraverse, China Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Ancient city municipal administration Art Gallery, Italy
Crack the pain of skin, Soemo-fine-Arts Beijing, China
Visible Image Consumption, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China
What is the narrative, A4 Art Gallery, Chengdu, China
318-International Artists - Joint Exhibition », Elements MoCA, Beijing China
Reshaping History China Youth New Art International Exhibition », Arario Beijing, Beijing, China
The Red Storm - China Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Dutch National Gallery Twente Branch Enschede Gallery, Netherlands

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Brave New World: Contemporary Chinese Art, Opus Gallery, Newcastle, UK
Small Painting Boutique Exhibition, Korea PYO Gallery, Beijing, China

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People • History -20 Century Chinese Art Research Exhibition, the Ministry of Culture, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Musemu, Beijing, China
Art Beijing, Art Fair, Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China
Frieze Art Fair, London, UK
The Painting and Sculpture of Digital Era, KongGang 10 artistic organization, ChengDu, China
The Convergence and the Self - Sustaining, China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zhuo Pu Arts Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China
Virtual City  — New impetus of Contemporary Art Biennale Exhibition, YuanGong Art Museum, Shanghai, China
GO GAME, BEIJING, German Embassy in Beijing, China
China Contemporary Gallery Fine Art works Exhibition, ShenZhen GeFeng Contemporary Art Museum, ShenZhen, China
Asian International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, China

The Asia Young Artists Promotion of Exhibition, won the Recommended Award, Shanghai Art Fair , ShangHai, China
Italian Bologna Fair, Bologna , Italy
Multi-dimensional Visual China Contemporary 11 artists Art Exhibition, Ni gallery, Beijing, China
Israel - China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tel Aviv art Museum, Israel
Transparent Situation - Series of events of Tibet, Tibet, China
1976-2006 From Local Modernity to the City Utopia, The academic school of painting retrospective of the SiChuan, Foreign Cultural Exchange Center of Ministry of Culture, China International BoYi Art Gallery, Beijing, China
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New Power - China, Art Biennial Exhibition, YuanGong Art Museum, ShangHai, China
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Endless Fun, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
LuYi Cup, (Received the Academic Award), LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, ShenYang, China

The First Sichuan University Art teacher Exhibition of Works, ChengDu, China

Oil Paintings Exhibition of Sichuan Province, ChengDu, China
The Third China Oil Painting Exhibition, China Art museum, Beijing, China

The Second Session SiChuan Province of The Youth Art Exhibition, (won an Award), ChengDu, China

100 Artists Faces, Nanjing, China

The Nineties Popular Images of Art Exhibition, YuanGong art Museum, ShangHai, China

The Fifth China Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition, SiChuan Fine Arts of Academy , ChongQing, China

SiChuan Fine Art Academy Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong, China

Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China
YuanGong Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Tan Guobin Contemporary Museum, ChangSha, China
Shanghai Yuehu Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Suzhou Basel Contemporary Art Gallery, Suzhou, China

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