Mathias Bensimon

Visual artist, performer and dancer, Mathias Bensimon was born in Paris in 1996. He obtained his DNSAP at the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2022 after having trained in the workshops of the Belgian visual artist Ann Veronica Janssens, the painter Wernher and the contemporary dancer and choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh. He currently lives and works in Paris.


“What interests me in the field and the extent of painting is the material. Matter as substance, intelligence and revealer.
Matter enchants, reveals, invokes. The magic that it reveals is my inspiration and my aspiration. In my work, most of what happens comes from listening.
By paying attention to the movement of life, to the movement that is the experience of feeling. It is born and arises from shapes, colors.
My intention is that by giving form to these intuitions, creating an affective atmosphere, an ambient tone in a space, we can open our sensitivity to an understanding that is of the order of the formidable.”

A graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Mathias Bensimon is an artist who places light at the heart of his work. Light as a medium and substance, but also light as revealing intelligence. Like a testimony to the different manifestations of reality, light can appear to us in a multitude of forms and reflections and then raises the question of the visible and of the unseen.

Thus, Mathias Bensimon tirelessly researches and explores new light experiences through unique gestures and color combinations in contemporary art. During these five years at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, he was able to confront the reality of the material, by learning from recognized teachers and iconic craftsmen and by participating in numerous projects around the world.

A lover of distant travels, he has traveled the world to find new ways of creating, thinking, dancing and meditating in order to perpetually enrich his artistic approach. Sometimes going back to the sources of creation, when artistic expression was closely linked to magic and spirituality, he confronts these thin, almost mystical borders between the worlds that still exist today in several parts of the globe.

During his training, this contemporary artist had the opportunity to join the studio of Ann Veronica Janssens, a famous visual artist, with whom he was able to probe the relationship between art, experimentation, and perceptions through knowing the passionate about lights and transparency effects. Then in the studio of the painter Wernher Bouwens, he was able to focus more specifically on color, printing and installation, one of the pillars of his work. Finally, it is by working with contemporary dancer and choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh that the artist was able to deepen her understanding of the relationship between the body and space, in order to obtain in her practice of contemporary painting a true symbiosis between light, space, dance, music and color. On light panels or during the development of monumental frescoes, Mathias Bensimon perfectly captures the vibrations of the place to sublimate it through his mastery of painting.

Specializing in the creation of large-format paintings, Mathias Bensimon produced a monumental fresco in 2020 for the headquarters of Altarea Cogedim in Paris, designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

In October 2022, the artist exhibits at Paulin Paulin & Paulin alongside Anish Kapoor, Ann Veronica Janssens, Lita Albuquerque and James Turrell. Then in 2023, the projects multiply. Mathias Bensimon exhibits at the Town Hall of the 10th, under the aegis of Studio ARTERA during an immersive performance around dance, singing, painting and music. He also participated in the Musée d’Orsay as part of the “Pastels” exhibition, at the Galleria Continua and the Ghost Gallery in Paris and produced a 52m2 fresco on the occasion of the inauguration of the Bally Foundation in Lugano, in Switzerland before taking part in the “À Première vue” event in two galleries on rue des Beaux-Arts, La Galerie Flak and Galerie LOFT.


Expositions & Projets
« Pastels, de Millet à Redon », Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France
Lac intérieur - fresque immersive de 52m2, « Un lac inconnu » exposition inaugurale de la Fondation Bally, Lugano, Suisse
« Micro Macro ». Galleria Continua, Paris, France
« Nouveau(x) Regard(s) », exposition de Mathias Bensimon et le collectif Altair organisée en collaboration avec la Mairie du 10e arrondissement de Paris (France -Performance immersive autour de la danse, du chant, de la peinture et de la musique)
« EPODE, Ana Monso & Mathias Bensimon », Ghost Gallery, Paris, France

« California Light & Space & Beyond » CHEZ PAULIN, PAULIN, PAULIN, Paris, France

Projet pour le Prix Dior - Château de la Colle Noire, France

Réalisation de 4 vitraux pour la restauration et la création du nouvel hôtel Eisenhower, ainsi que d'une fresque de 40m2 et d'une mosaïque, Hôtel Eisenhower, Reims, France

Lotus art Project, exposition caritative en partenariat avec la Rock Papers Scissors Foundation, Museum of fine arts, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Exposition collective de bois gravés avec l’atelier Bouwens et deux toiles monumentales réalisées en commun entre les colonnes du musée, Museu Arqueológico do Carmo, Lisbonne, Portugal
Réalisation collective d'une fresque de 37 m pour la nouvelle entrée de l'École des Beaux-arts avec l'atelier Boumens, Beaux-arts de Paris Installation photographique et films projetés dans le désert, Observatoire du Cerro Paranal, Chili (atelier Ann Veronica Janssens)
Exposition personnelle et réalisation d'une installation de vitraux, Villa Consulaire de Liège, Belgique Exposition personnelle de monotypes sur la thématique de la lumière et des phénomènes d'aurores boréales, Galerie Albin Upp, Oslo, Norvège

Réalisation d'une peinture en collaboration avec le moine Ryuji lwata et la violoniste Azusa Minamino dans le temple de Hasedera, Kamakura, Japon Exposition, Tokyo
Musashino Museum, Japon Exposition collective « Esprit - es-tu là ? », Design Festa Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japon