Lumière nacrée II Mathias Bensimon

  • Dimensions : 124.7 × 142.7 cm
  • Year : 2023
  • Medium : Mother-of-pearl and aluminum pigments Oil
  • Support : Canvas
  • Mouvement : Abstract art
  • Ton : Light

More informations

A graduate of Beaux-Arts in Paris, Mathias Bensimon is an artist who places light at the heart of his work. Light as a medium and substance, but also light as a revealing intelligence. As a testimony to the different manifestations of reality, light can appear to us in a multitude of forms and reflections and then raises the question of the visible and of the invisible.

“What interests me in the field and extent of painting is the material. Matter as substance, intelligence and revealer.
The material enchants, reveals, invokes. The magic it reveals is my inspiration and my aspiration. In my work, most of what happens comes from listening. By paying attention to the movement of life, to the movement that is the experience of feeling. Shapes and colors are born and emerge. My intention is that by giving form to these intuitions, creating an affective atmosphere, an ambient tone in a space, we can open our sensitivity to an understanding which is of the order of the formidable.