Cosmic Garden • Mathias Bensimon


Solo show on the occasion of the creation of a 21-meter-long fresco in the interior garden of the Ministry of Culture, at 182 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris

Opening at the Loft Gallery
Thursday October 12, 2023 from 6 p.m.
In the presence of the artist

“I thought I would work on the notion of representation of life, our way of seeing reality depending on our mental representations. A form of microscopic garden both indoors and outdoors. To do this, I chose to work from quantum theories influencing living cells.” Mathias Bensimon, Cosmic Garden project

Mathias Bensimon will present his first solo exhibition at the Loft Gallery with a set of immersive works highlighting the monumental project of the “Cosmic Garden” which will come to life in the form of a monumental fresco 21 meters long in the interior garden of the Ministry of Culture in Paris at the end of September. Inspired by microbiology, this mural is a bold fusion of art and science, capturing the intrigue and beauty of the quantum world.

Visual artist, performer and dancer, Mathias Bensimon is an artist who places light at the heart of his work. Light as a medium and substance, but also light as a revealing intelligence. The artist tirelessly searches for and explores new luminous experiences through gestures and combinations of colors unique in contemporary art. Passionate about science, he has been working for a year and a half with the physicist Maxime Jacquet in a laboratory at the Sorbonne on the movement of light. A direct example is given to us with this fresco, Mathias Bensimon’s first such direct artistic foray into the scientific field.

“Sciences give me images and avenues of reflection that will lead me to invent pictorial forms, ways of painting and representing. There is a lot of interpretation because sometimes I think from black and white or very blurry images. The whole point of this field of images is that they are images invisible to the naked eye but made visible by science and technology.” Through this work, the painter wants to work on our representations of life, sometimes incomplete, and our interpretations that result from it.

On this occasion, the artist invites us to dive into a world of immersive works and reveals behind the scenes of this project.

Exhibition views


Behind the scenes of the “Cosmic Garden” project, a 21-meter-long fresco in the interior garden of the Ministry of Culture