VIBRATIONS • Liên Hoàng-Xuân & Mathias Bensimon

  • Exhibition From 11 July to 01 September 2023
  • Location Espace du 4

Galerie Loft closes its doors from Tuesday August 1st! We wish you a good summer and will be very happy to see you again from Tuesday, September 5.

Duo show with Mathias Bensimon & Liên Hoàng-Xuân” still visible until September 1st.
We wish you a nice summer!

At the beginning, there was nothing. 

Then, from the void, a spark emerged.

From the unheard clamor that filled the space, matter was born, and light emerged. Particles formed and inhabited the space. 

The absolute blackness began to lighten and started to twinkle. 

Life appeared from the depths of the night and dispersed, vibrant and intense, to create the universe. 

At dawn, serene, it spread over the newly born world and illuminated it with great tenderness, bathing it in a new aura. 

But life, ever more voracious, multiplied and transformed itself. 

It took a thousand forms: plants, animals, humans, and machines, each in its own way, desiring to consume its existence. To the rhythm of beating hearts, Vibrations turned into palpitations. The peak of effervescence now invaded every day and every night, before the promise of a new dawn…

On the occasion of the event “à première vue,” which offers the galleries of Saint-Germain-des-Prés the opportunity to exhibit the young graduates of the Beaux-Arts de Paris during the summer, Galerie LOFT has chosen to showcase the works of two artists who graduated in 2022. Their works, stemming from two unique and personal universes, engage in a perfect dialogue around the notion of vibration. 

The artistic creations of Mathias Bensimon, characterized by a profound and spiritual exploration of light, conveyed through subtle and ethereal color palettes, converge with the powerful and contrasting presence found in Liên Hoàng-Xuân’s artworks. Liên’s pieces feature bold applications of black, red, and gold, which instill the raw and unexpected essence of our daily existence. This juxtaposition of artistic styles engenders a unique, potent, and electric atmosphere, establishing a captivating ambiance.

Opening reception with the artists: Tuesday, July 11th at 6:00 PM (Departure in front of Natalie Seroussi Gallery at 34 Rue de Seine)

Introduced in 2022, the JDBA – CPGA Prize rewards an artist from the “À première vue” exhibition. The laureate will be selected on the day of the exhibition’s opening reception by a jury of art professionals.

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Exhibition views


Mathias Bensimon, Interior lake, Immersive fresco 52m2, Bally Foundation, Switzerland © Andrea Rossetti