Born in 1975 in Guizhou, China. Living and working in Beijing, China. Li Changlong has graduated from the Southwest University in 1999. He is teaching at…


Born in 1975 in Guizhou, China. Living and working in Beijing, China. Li Changlong has graduated from the Southwest University in 1999. He is teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Chengdu since 2002, but lives and works in Beijing, China.

Li Changlong tends to create his own psychological scenery from urban or natural landscapes. The odd visual space formed by his magical colours on canvas is as inaccessible as backdrops in photo studios that the figures photographed can never quite blend in.

As an artist with great technical skills, Li freely integrates all elements on canvas into different pieces of characteristic and expressive works. Although some people believe that skill is almost a burden to creativity, he expertly integrates skills in his expressions.

“I try hard to create a striking contrast between our contemporary times, built on virtuality and absurdness, and my paintings using rigid geometries and pseudo-spatial segmentations.”
Li Changlong



Offshore: Li Changlong, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Pékin, Chine

Li Changlong Solo Exhibition, Ginkbo Art Centre, Pékin, Chine

Every Step - Varied View, Wall Art Museum, Pékin, Chine

This is Not My Landscape, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, Chine


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Unbounded, Casa del Mantegna, Mantoue, Italie

Eyes: China’s New Paintings in the Post-Financial Crisis Era, Frances Taylor Foundation, Liverpool, Royaume-Uni
Eyes: China’s New Paintings in the Post-Financial Crisis Era, Yangtze River Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, Chine
Contemporary Southwest Art Exhibition, Guizhou Tianhai Art Museum, Guiyang, Chine

Eyes: China's New Paintings in the Post-Financial Crisis Era, Poly Art Museum, Pékin, Chine
Social Landscape – Scenario Narrative, Donghu Park Exhibition Hall, Chengdu, Chine
Art Frontier – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Art Museum, Pékin, Chine
Thought: Unfinished Painting Exhibition, 5 Art Center, Pékin, Chine
Little Logic: Language Coding and Discourse Expression of Contemporary Art, Fang Grassland Art Festival, Pékin, Chine
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China – Memories and Imagination, Albemarle Gallery, Londres, Royaume-Uni
Water Stains On The Wall – The Carrier Of Formation, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, Chine
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