Kévin-Ademola Sangosanya, winner of an ADIAF EMERGENCE grant

For the third edition of the ADIAF Emergence Grant, Kévin-Ademola Sangosanya is one of the winners of the “Artiste, Appel à candidatures” college scholarship, awarded to individual artists or groups with a link to the French scene.

Autodidact, Kévin-Ademola Sangosanya’s artistic practice “gravitates around the boundaries between the visible and invisible worlds and the various portals that link the two, mobilizing references linked to the occult”.

Launched in 2022, the ADIAF Emergence Grants is a support programme aimed at emerging artists and art critics living and working in France to help them with their international professional development. This art scholarship is organised by the Association for the International Development of French Art (ADIAF) in partnership with Catawiki. 

For further information : https://www.adiaf.com/en/emergence-grant/

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