Guillaume Piéchaud, Monographic catalog


  • Dimensions : 29.7 × 26 × 1.5 cm

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«Creating this monographic catalog is my way of immortalizing the profile of this extraordinary artist, and of paying him tribute to this tremendous evolution by allowing his creations, including the most recent, to be compared with the powerful and atypical personality of such an exceptional blacksmith. »

Jean-François Roudillon
Extract from the Foreword to the monograph "Guillaume Piéchaud, goldsmith of furniture", Éditions LOFT, March 2020.

The Monograph of artist Guillaume Piéchaud (born in 1968), the first major publication devoted to the artist's work, is presented in parallel with solo show at the Loft gallery.
This book is edited by EDITIONS LOFT and published in two languages (French / English). It brings together over 160 pages and more than 300 illustrations around five major themes "Creatures", "Pure Lines", "Dialogues", "Mineral" and "Ornaments", but also a life trajectory of the artist in the form of interview and several texts dedicated to his work, including a wonderful foreword by famous illustrator Philippe Druillet, a great friend and admirer of the artist.

Format :  29,7 x 26 x 1.5 cm
Illustrations : Colors & Black and white
Date of publication : March 2020
Language : Texts in French & English
Coordination : Malika Vinot
Publisher : Éditions Loft
ISBN : 978-2-9541105-6-1