Ceramic Trip • On the road of symbols

  • Exhibition From 26 March to 31 July 2020
  • Location Espace du 4

As if emerging from a Chinese legend, a golden dragon glides along pure and cloud-like white curves of fine ceramic.

Powerful and mysterious, it coils in full meditation with triad tattoo-like lines on its chest and heart. When we take a step back to admire it even better, we discover that this Buddha of modern times is none other than a “Michelin” figure.

Once again, Li Lihong succeeds in surprising us and making us smile, he pushes visual codes and cultural certainties. East and West are brought together in unexpected marriage; the past and the present coupled furiously in contemporary works.

The Michelin “idols” (Michelin China) or the currency “at war” (Currency War) appears in a double perspective. Chinese Dreams (Dream China) or Patched hearts (Repaired Heart) in red, white or golden. Li Lihong proves us that he is a great master in ceramic who has been able to nourish himself on a complex tradition of Chinese porcelain and transform it into his own unique and multicultural language.

For his new exhibition at the LOFT Gallery, Li Lihong presents his latest creations, completely new for the most part, and invites us to plunge into the heart of his humorous and poetic universe. We will also find two of his most iconic pieces: « Mickey China » and « Apple China », in a new « affordable » edition to all collectors.

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