Exposition "Pleins Feux"

Group exhibition “Pleins Feux” with Raphaëlle Bertran at the chapel of Clairefontaine

From 24 September to 29 January 2023

The Chapel of Clairefontaine

About fifteen artists whose works explore the ambiguity of the solar star
A journey that questions our relationship to the world and engages an ethical reflection on our lifestyles

Collective exhibition:
Raphaëlle Bertran Pinheiro` • Lisa Boostani • Emma Bourgin • Melissa Coote • Lélia Demoisy • Frederik Exner • Karen Farkas • Ludovic Sauvage • Vladimir Skoda • Claude de Soria • Maxime Verdier • Charlotte Vitaioli
accompanied by Théo Drieu, science popularizer and host of the YouTube channel “Balade Mentale” and the Low-tech Lab Boulogne-Billancourt Grand Paris association

Curator: Léa Hodencq

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