Épicurienne H.50cm

  • Dimensions : 50 × 18.5 × 23 cm
  • Year : 2010-2011
  • Material : Black Epoxy painted steel
  • Editions : numbered on 8 ex. + 4 E.A.
  • Signature : Signed Hiquily

More informations

This work is listed in the artist's Catalog Raisonné under the reference number: 647 - 06.Scu.LSq.Ed.Ac.50

The last sculpture created by the artist Philippe Hiquily serves as a formidable counterpart to his legendary sculpture the Marathonienne.
While the latter was captured in full effort, the Epicurean seems captured in a moment of relaxation, serenity and pure ecstasy.
Coquettish and nonchalant, she offers herself to the pleasure of the eyes while being more modest than her big sister.

While her spirit seems to wander in mysterious dreams, she sits, knees pressed together and chastely caressed with her hand, like the work La Pudique from 1992
For nearly 65 years Hiquily explored with poetry and humor the shapes and curves of female figures as if to better capture and extract their sensuality.
This Epicurean is beautiful and fulfilled, like the modest or the naughty, who inhabited her work throughout her life, and allowed her to mark the art of the 20th century with her singular plastic language.
The 2000s were an opportunity for the artist to revisit his own mythologies, both in his themes and in his forms, and with this monumental Epicurean he expresses more than ever his love for women and life.


2016 Épicurienne de 275 cm, devant l’hôtel Plaza, Paris
2012 Marathonienne & Épicurienne (5M) sur la place Saint-Germain-Des-Près.