Philippe Hiquily chez Sotheby’s Genève

From 26 November to 29 November 2019

Sotheby’s Geneva, Geneva 13, Quai du Mont Blanc, 1201

Selling exhibition : Sculptures, Furnitures, Jewelries

Sotheby’s in Switzerland exhibits a group of works, furniture and jewellery by Philippe Hiquily, the renowned French artist, in collaboration with the Loft gallery, based in Paris.

Between surrealism and primitive art, insect figures and feminine silhouettes, the stativity of some gigantic project and playful motions, Hiquily’s works are full of humour and sensuality and evoke his artistic relationship in Paris: Jean Tinguely, César, Germaine Richier amongst many other he was friends with.

The selling exhibition will feature some unique sculptures, including the Aurige, alongside several well-known and sought-after pieces such as the Girouettes Marbella-Shangai presenting a unique opportunity to acquire these works.

Text from Sotheby’s Genève

Opening 26.11.2019

Exhibition until 29 Novembre 2019

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