Shengqi Kong à Vent des forêts

Opening of Shengqi Kong’s works by the Vent des forêts association

From 13 July to 28 September 2024

Vent des forêts, Fresnes-au-Mont

Shengqi Kong is one of the artists invited by the Vent des forêts open-air contemporary art center, which inaugurates the new works on its freely accessible, signposted trail on July 13, 2024.

Taking her cue from the carving techniques of native North Americans, Shengqi Kong creates ghostly figures and other creatures from soft, light-colored pieces of wood, as part of this encounter between contemporary art and the rural world, organized by the Vent des forêts association.

Located in the Meuse region of France, this association brings together the work of local artists, inhabitants and craftsmen, while offering visitors the chance to discover over a hundred works along a 45 km trail organized into seven circuits.

Photos © Vent des Forêts

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Kong Shengqi