Fenêtre sur le passé

  • Exhibition From 30 June to 28 July 2021
  • Location Espace du 4

The Loft Gallery presents the collective exhibition “Window on the Past” with the art works by Caroline Lazaroo, Guillaume Piéchaud, Francesco Marino Di Teana, Philippe Hiquily, Philippe Huart, Mun-gi Yang, Mehdi Mirbagheri, Objectal, Olivier Moravik.

Popular artist

Yazid Oulab

Fenêtre sur le passé

In this work of 1m50 by 1m26, the composition in chiaroscuro and the central staircase evokes at first glance the interiors of Baroque painting and more particularly The philosopher in meditation of Rembrandt. The double frame of the composition (exterior frame/door frame), transforms the space of this corridor into a real window on a world gone and crumbling. Despite this sensation of evanescence, we are still irretrievably drawn towards the centre of the image.

We then have two choices. By entering this window from the left, we keep our feet on the ground and abandon any quest to the unknown to come and rest in the hollow of an armchair that offers us the promise of assured comfort. This chair itself comes to signify the presence as much as the absence of man. The one who is believed to have inhabited this place and who leaves a trace of life today replaced by nature, rust and insects. By yielding to the spiral setting of the perspective created by the line of the stairs we rush on the steps.

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