Jean Brillant • METAMINERAL

“Absorbed by an overwhelming thorny situation, it feels that time has stopped. Thinking of its next manoeuvre, it remains hopeful, strong with an unshakeable lightness. »

Jean Brillant

From these few words thought up by the Quebec artist to accompany his sculpture “Thorny Situation” emerge the principles that govern most of his works. It is above all questions of optimism and hope. That of a man who learned to create, not only to exist, but also to share and forge links.

Link between men, between peoples, between cultures, but also with nature. Link between materials and shapes, time and the ephemeral. Despite our impressions, time never stops. It glides over our lives and over the world, like a promise to make each moment a magical and unique interlude.

The works of Jean Brillant carry within them this dimension. That of a perennial ephemerality. Capture a moment of grace where materials merge, where stones levitate and metal flakes. For his return to France, Jean Brillant has thus chosen to transform the space of the Galerie LOFT into a veritable workshop where studies flirt with monumental projects and where steel is at the same time support, material and work. In this way, the artist transports us thousands of kilometers away, to the heart of his universe, where stones are born from Canadian rivers and forests are transformed into steel sculptures. Faced with his models, his drawings, his studies, his sculptures and his projects, we are projected to the source of his creative process, that of a great Quebec artist whose name is no longer to be made in his lands but who accepts for the happiness and the curiosity of the Parisian public to reveal themselves here as on the first day.

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Portrait of Quebec sculptor Jean Brillant