Phase Serie ZS-01A DA BAO (LI YONGMIN)

  • Dimensions : 56.5 × 77 cm
  • Thèmes : Chinese contemporary art
  • Year : 2014
  • Technique :

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The material used itself refers to the Buddhist adage "One grain of sand, one world", meaning that any living being, even the most innocuous, can live in full consciousness its presence and its links to the world if its spirit is open, silent and serene. Li's works value the intimate relationship between man, nature and the earth, and above all reflect a certain look, a certain attitude to life. In the contemporary world, confusion and difficulties hide the purity of the heart, sensitivity is dulled, the interdependence of living beings escapes us, hence a feeling of loss of bearings. The heart becomes a spiritual, affective and social desert, which the artist acknowledges. Combining matter, gesture and meditation, Da Bao (Li Yong-Min) presents art as a performance part of a broader attention to the world, a continuous awareness of life.


Li Yong-Min was born in 1975 in the Chinese province of Sangdong. He began to study painting in 1992, and set up the Dabao Design Studio in 1998. In 2003, he formed an artistic group, the Songzhuang artist community, and organized his first exhibition. In 2010, he created a new technique in the world of contemporary art, inspired by the Buddhist iconographic tradition of the mandala: he painted the canvas of the painting directly with sand collected in the desert. His subjects, Buddhas, adopt the posture of attestation to the earth, referring to the episode preceding the awakening when the future Buddha touches the earth with his hand, to take it as witness and thus repel Mara, lord of death and the sufferings of desire.