Current exhibition

DADO & Quentin GAREL

Galerie Loft is pleased to invite you to the DADO exhibition accompanied by sculptures by Quentin Garel.

Thursday Opening April 4, 2024
From 18h

“Your painting is power. A terror where matter is man. There is a relationship that belongs only to you, between the forms-matter or man-animal, the invertebrate, and the backgrounds-color that give powers of transparency or reflection.”
Letter from Gilles Deleuze to Dado, December 26, 1994

On the occasion of Dado’s exhibition, Galerie Loft presents a fascinating selection of his work, spanning a ten-year period from 1986 to 1996. In Dado’s paintings, human, animal and invertebrate forms intermingle to give rise to troubling figures.

The year 1986 marks a decisive turning point in DADO’s life, with his discovery of Buffon and his immersion in the fascinating world of natural history, which is deeply reflected in his work. This exhibition highlights the ceramic series “Les oiseaux d’Irène (The birds of Irène)”, a posthumous tribute to the literary icon Irène Némirowsky.

Through his sculptures, Quentin Garel explores the raw beauty and vulnerability of animals, creating pieces that evoke both the strength and fragility of wildlife.

Together, the works of DADO and Quentin Garel weave a fascinating dialogue on the nature of human and animal existence, exploring themes of transformation, metamorphosis and coexistence.

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