Cotton Series – No.02 CHEN MAN

  • Dimensions : 132.5 × 58.5 cm
  • Year : 2008
  • Technique : C-print
  • Support : Collage on plexiglass
  • Signature : Hand-signed
  • Editions : Edition of 10

More informations

CHEN Man & YANG Dawei

Living in Beijing (China).Holding a diploma from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, Chen Man begun her photography career making many covers for Vision, a leading fashion magazine. She had already taken photos for many fashion magazines at the age of 29. After being an emerging star in the world of fashion world in China, Chen Man is now a well-established and famous professional. Young and wise, with her own photographic style, she mainly produces photos for women sublimating their beauty. By using incongruous elements in compostions, she intends to awaken our curiosity. Indeed, analysing the magnificent backgrounds of her artworks, we discover factory fumes, fish with scales glowing like jewellery, shaken views of a futuristic city with facades drowned in silky material. The fabulous colours, the smoothness of skin, the well-made make-up, an evident freshness and the use of 3D techniques are characteristic of her unique creative process.