Monozygote H.96cm QUENTIN GAREL

  • Dimensions : 96 × 350 cm
  • Year : 2017
  • Material : Bronze
  • Editions : Edition of 8 + 4 AP
  • Thèmes : Animaux

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When he shapes his works, Quentin Garel works with the material with an obvious love for organic forms. Exploring their materiality while deliberately playing with our perceptions, its changes of scale, sometimes excessive or hybridized, disturb our representation of what exists. For Christine Argot and Luc Vivès, in his Osthéomorphoses “it combines the Beautiful and the False, which nevertheless seems true – a distorted, falsely specular reflection of reality! He is a naturalist artist, collector of extraordinary skulls gleaned from his mind.” In his work on the Monozygote, a phantasmagorical bird skull in a tripod, he crystallizes in the same work his concern, but also a certain derision, for the destiny of animals, as much as humans, in the heart of a world in full mutation.

2020, Anomal, Domaine de Chamarande, France
2019, Retrospective, Matmut Contemporary Art Center, Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville, France
2018, Monumentais, Espace Commines organized by Galerie LJ, Paris, France