Within the perspective to promote at best the artists, Loft gallery has developed in parallel to its main activity, that of exhibiting and selling artworks, an important line of work in editions and publishing. Since its foundation the gallery has always published exhibition catalogues such as “Passage” by Jérôme Mesnager, “Découpures” by Kriki in 1988, “Cortège et pièces détachées” by Ricardo Mosner and “Alptraum” by Jacques Monory in 1990 or Gérard Schlosser in 1991.

At the beginning of the year 2000, when the gallery starts specializing in Chinese contemporary art, she actively participates in the publication of art books that have become landmarks “Modernité Chinoise” (Christine Buci-Glucksmann & Jean-Marc Decrop, Éd. Skira, 2003) or the catalogue of the exhibition Paris – Pékin ( Paris-Pékin – Collection D’Art Contemporain Chinois M. & G. Ullens ed. Chinese century, 2002). Whilst pursuing the publication of exhibition catalogues of its artists (Chen Wenbo, 2000; Wang Qingsong, 2002 ; Han Lei, 2006 or Jian Da Hai, 2008). In 2010, a collaboration with the artist Li Chaoxiong – Arxlee produced a French version of his illustrated tale “BudaPest”.

In the middle of the years 2000 the loft gallery undertakes an incredible research on the work of the famous sculptors Philippe Hiquily and Francesco Marino di Teana. To this extent a specific team dedicated to these publications is created. For the next 12 years the Loft editions team devoted itself to the making of the Catalogue Raisonné of these major artists (Philippe Hiquily, Oeuvres de 1948 à 2011, Paris 2012 / Marino di Teana, Catalogue Raisonné de l’oeuvre sculpté, Paris 2019)

Recently Loft Editions has published a monograph of the designer-sculptor Guillaume Piéchaud retracing the 30 years of his collaboration with the gallery.

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