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The Catalogue Raisonné of Italian-Argentine artist Francesco Marino di Teana (1920-2012) of more than 550 pages, published by Éditions loft, in partnership with Nicolas Marino, assembles all sculptural works of artist between 1948 and 2012.

Dedicating to Francesco Marino Di Teana, this two-volume boxed set of 2000 copies contains one monograph and one catalogue raisonné.

Monograph, 256 pages
- Preface by Jean-Michel Wilmotte; project coordinators ;
- Introductions by Nicolas Marino di Teana and Jean-François ROUDILLON, co-directors
- Interviews of artist, quotations, texts from authors who accompanied artist throughout his entire creation life, as well as a complete biography and a map illustrating the locations of artist’s monumental sculptures in France and around the world.
- Trajectory and Life stages

Catalogue raisonné, 552 pages
- Introductions by Nicolas Marino di Teana and Malika VINOT, projects coordinators
- 51 chapters gathering all works of artist, and organized in 8 thematic parts : The Temptation for Figurative Art / Dynamic Sculpture / Architectural Sculpture / Cities / Living Sculptures / Reliefs and Glazed Friezes / Architectures / Furniture & Jewellery
- Each chapter begins with a presentation, analysing the works in the context of artist’s creation
- Each picture of work was numbered, with the correspondent reference, detailed technical sheet ( date of conception, especially for certain editions ; dimensions, materials, collections, signatures, models, as well as the concerning Publications and Exhibitions )


Product dimensions : 26 x 30 x 7 cm
( Catalogue raisonné 26 x 29.7 x 4 cm ; Monograph 26 x 29.7 x 2.2 cm )
Illustrations: Colors and Black & White
Date of publication : December, 2018
Language : French & English
Publisher : LOFT Editions, under the direction of Nicolas MARINO DI TEANA and Malika VINOT
ISBN : 978-2-35-906256-4


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