From 21 June to 21 July 2018

On A Thread

On an invisible thread, suspended in the air, appears a white silhouette. Fragile and delicate, it emerges discreetly in the heart of a magical and poetic world, inhabited by dragons, tigers or mystical landscapes.

This universe of ink and light, energy and power, is that of Chinese painting history. Between shanshui and Calligraphy, Lin Yusi seeks to capture all the essence of the works that have preceded him for centuries. He pays tribute to the great masters of Chinese art by reiterating the themes and techniques that made their greatness. No wonder he has just been chosen by the Chinese cultural authorities to represent his region at the 40th anniversary of “The Chinese Reformation and the opening to the outside world”. On this occasion, he will present a monumental mural of over 20 meters long at the Chinese National Art Museum in Beijing. Recognition of his technique, his knowledge, and of course a great honor, but also a fear. That of disappearing in favor of an art that remains too classic, or fading away in front of such an important task.

Shuch is Lin Yusi’s character, a sensitive and secretive individual immersed in a universe ready to engulf him. He knows that courage and strength have never been measured by size or tumult. To fight against his own demons he decides to face them, to overcome his fears and his own limits.

To leave, to explore, to free himself.

For the first time in his life Lin Yusi has agreed to the realization of his first personal exhibition abroad. Encouraged by Jean-François Roudillon, who has been attending his studio for more than 10 years, he dares to free himself from the weight of his own culture to offer us a series of very personal works, in order share with us his own story.

With an out-of-the-ordinary sensibility, he offers us a poetic and captivating testimony on the history of a man who is ready to grow and accept his own contemporaneity. A man proud of his culture and experience, but able to go further, beyond himself.

A tightrope walker on the edge of two worlds, two ages, two lives…

On a wire, he extends his hand towards us, a hand that we long to seize, to be able, at his side, to project ourselves into this fascinating universe.

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