The Loft Gallery creates
the collection “ART FOR ALL”

“art accessible to all”

A real collection of iconic works in small-format on a limited editions with high-quality

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Art has often been a tool of propaganda or of political and social separation, a way to define and sometimes divide populations. We will have to wait till 1959 for André Malraux to raise the notion of “democratization of art” and favour the opening of cultural spaces to a new public. But again, the most humble in the population are not able to acquire works of art for themselves. Museums have been producing exhibition catalogues, then posters and more recently “goodies” to satisfy the visitors eagerness, but a barrier still needed to be crossed.

In the 1960’s Andy Warhol opened a breach with his silkscreens, followed by Keith Haring in the 1980’s when he widely and loudly declared “art is for everybody”. Still even if street art has changed our perception of what exhibition spaces could be, everything needs to be done in terms of acquiring art.

It’s in this perspective that was born the collection “Art For all”.

With the goal to allow a more universal access to artworks, over the years, a new idea came to Jean-François Roudillon’s mind. The evolution of museum shops has brought on the explosion of art related products, rarely can the affordable pieces be entirely considered as artworks, and those that are, remain price wise, unaffordable to art lovers.

From this observation Loft gallery has taken a new challenge upon itself. To offer a real collection of iconic works of contemporary artists of different origins and universes, in the manner of high quality limited editions, as desirable as they are affordable. And now, with theses limited editions, that are conceived in direct collaboration with the artist or their beneficiaries are signed and numbered between 300 to 1 000 copies, presented in an elegant box and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Real artworks for all, this is the core of Art For All.

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