• Dimensions : 76 × 53 cm
  • Year : 1987
  • Medium : lithography Pencil
  • Support : Paper
  • Signature : Signed and numbered
  • Ton : Dark

2 500.00 inc. Vat

More informations

Original lithograph dating from 1987
Signed and numbered by the artist
Down in pencil


In January 1983, Jérôme Mesnager invented the Man in White, “a symbol of light, strength and peace”. This white silhouette called Corps blanc or the white man, he reproduced it throughout the whole world, from the walls of Paris to the Chinese wall. A real world tour: from the giants of Ménilmontant to Moscow's Red Square, articulated characters are everywhere! Today, the White Body is more than thirty years old, and several books already celebrate it.


Jérôme Mesnager is a French street artist and painter born in 1961. After training as a cabinetmaker at the Boulle school, he took comic strip lessons at the Duperré School of Applied Arts. It was in 1982 that he began to draw in the streets, with the group of very young artists he brought together, Zig-Zag. And in 1983, the artist created a white silhouette that he would reproduce around the world: the Man in White, “a symbol of light, strength and peace”.

In 1986, La galerie Loft presented one of its first exhibitions on white bodies. The gallery and the artist continued in 1988 with an exhibition entitled "Passage" then in 1989 with the exhibition of paintings made with pieces from the Bercy warehouses. The Loft gallery devotes a retrospective around his work in 1993. At the same time, many editions of catalogs have appeared over the years, such as that for the exhibition "Passage" or "Combat" in 1990.