For Jean-François Roudillon’s, director of Loft gallery, the objective has always been to encourage art by facilitating the distribution of the works of his artists. Personal or group shows, international art fairs, prestigious auctions, publication of catalogues, Loft gallery has actively participated for the last 30 years in the evolution of the ways to exhibit and promote artworks always hand in hand with the artists. Since mid 2000, the gallery has notably become one of the most important editors of works of art in France, creating monumental artworks (such as the 5 meters high sculptures by Philippe Hiquily that were installed on the Place Saint-Germain-des-Près, in 2012) as well as more accessible pieces amongst other the famous “Made in China” (2002) iconic red dinosaur by Sui Jianguo made at 1 000 copies and more recently the works of the collection Art For All.

Being conscious of the evolution of our ways of live and manners of consumption of our time, Loft gallery has enriched its activity thanks to new technologies by offering the possibility to buy works of art through its E-Shop. They regroup some of the jewels of Chinese contemporary art, brand-new works by French, Greek, Korean or Iranian artists that are either paintings, sculptures, drawings, lithographs or photographs but also furniture or artist catalogues. The access to the works sold by the gallery has never been easier.

As you browse the E-Shop you will have the possibility to access a catalogue of high-end works selected by our team. Every work possesses a story, as well as a market value, that we uphold at every moment, since our appreciation and support of the gallery’s artists has maintained privileged relationships over the years. Experienced or new collectors, we hope you will, at your turn, fall in love with the artworks that we are surrounded by.

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