Duo Show • Raphaëlle Bertran & Kévin-Ademola Sangosanya

  • Exhibition From 13 September to 01 October 2022
  • Location Espace du 4

Galerie Loft is presenting an exhibition with two talented young artists, Raphaëlle Bertran & Kévin-Ademola Sangosanya.
Come and discover their new works at Galerie Loft.

Kevin Ademola Sangosanya
France – 1996


Sangosanya’s works can themselves be seen as metaphysical as well as “physical” (both visual and tactile) “guides” to alignment. Aware that we are still formatted by our condition of gender, age or culture, he understands that only art can allow him to transcend himself. For him, a young, black, mixed-race man, bearer of a double culture and conveying a pejorative image of African culture and identity, the important thing is to question this mixed identity by understanding its origin but also by constructing a new language. to provide unprecedented access.

In preparation for his personal exhibition at Galerie Loft in December 2022.

Raphaelle Bertran
France – 1992

Raphaelle Bertran’s works are constructed like painted oxymorons.
Marked by what the artist claims as a “disturbing strangeness” and nourished by in-depth readings of Nietzsche, Bataille and Blanchot, they come in the form of narrative fragments. The mixture of many details and figures, both borrowed from the history of art and from her own visual lexicon, then disturbs the viewer’s perception by thwarting any possibility of an all-encompassing reading of the work.

Waiting for the personal exhibition in 2023

Summer Weathervane


“To introduce the movement is to create life”
Philippe Hiquily.


By integrating the Art For All collection alongside the Marathoner and the Epicurean, this Weathervane comes in an accessible format of 18 cm high while retaining the poetry and magic of its monumental equivalent and, more than ever, the playful essence.

Launching price: 500 Euros

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Girouette Été by Philippe Hiquily