For the first exhibition of the year 2022, Galerie LOFT takes you on a discovery of the infinitely poetic universes of 7 women artists, photographers, painters and sculptors from 30 to 86 years old.
Parvine Curie, Joséphine de Saint-Seine, Caroline Lazaroo, Chen Man, Deng Yu, Kong Shengqi and Raphaëlle Bertran explore, between France and China, our constantly changing world.

“They” are indeed those who, both muses and demiurges, inspire us, by laying themselves bare. They develop, each in their own way, a language and a universe that is both very personal and intimate but charged with a powerful desire to involve the spectators in the process of perception and apprehension of their work. Whether by touching them, by playing, by projecting one’s own memories or by inventing one’s own stories, their works invite participation and become real supports for projection and emotions, access routes to depth of our beings and to our own intimacy.

Nostalgia for childhood or passing time, futuristic allegory or poetry of everyday life, creatures of the woods or seeds of the earth, maternal figure or origins of the world, each work is a concentrate of beings and worlds to explore, to dream or to admire.

By putting them in dialogue beyond any consideration of age or nationality, this exhibition aims to offer a new look at the work of these artists of different generations who challenge us and enrich the contemporary art scene with their authentic sensitivities.


Save the date // Saturday February 26 3-5:30 p.m. at Galerie Loft
Meetings with Joséphine de Saint-Seine, Caroline Lazaroo, Kong Shengqi and Raphaëlle Bertran


Parvine Curie, Franco-Iranian sculptor who has developed in her work her sensitivity as a woman and a mother, offers with this work the incarnation of this maternal strength. “The sheltered child” symbolizes a refuge, a united family that comforts as much as it moves.

Launching prix : 500 €

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