• Dimensions : 3 × 89 × 146 cm
  • Year : 2013
  • Medium : Oil
  • Signature : Signé
  • Support : Canvas papier ronéotypé
  • Editions : Unique work
  • Ton : Colorful

More informations

Joséphine de Saint Seine, born in Paris in 1974, grew up in Apremont, a small village in Picardy and now lives and works in Marseille.

A true "alchemist", she uses many media to manage to express the sensations she feels in the world around her: plants, textiles, blown glass, installations, video, clay... so many materials that offer us each work a bribe of his being...

On her canvases, plants in different stages of blossoming are painted in oils on technical planes, evoking the poetry of the intangible that sprouts from the tangible world. Their plant forms invade the surface of the canvas in a hybrid, plural language where writing and image are intrinsically linked. Sublime and fragile, tinged with a carnal and delicious dimension, sometimes lascivious and offered, sometimes mysterious and impenetrable, they are always marked by a precious touch and a finesse inspired by calligraphy and engraving. From industrial architecture emerges a plant architecture whose flowers, delicate and piercing, touch us and insinuate themselves into us. They imbue us with a skin-deep emotion, like an outbreak of a plant world that comes to regain its rights, those of the nourishing and pregnant earth, the ultimate link between all men.