Kévin-Ademola Sangosanya “I know the value of fear.”

“This exhibition is a quest to regain my creative freedom.
All the works are “feelings”, visual transcriptions of the feeling of fear or anxiety that can sometimes hit me”

To close its program of exhibitions for the year 2022, Galerie LOFT invites you to live a real aesthetic experience in a unique face-to-face with the work of a young artist who has been able to bare himself to offer us a immersed in the heart of his soul and his fears.
Kévin-Ademola Sangosanya, is only 26 years old, and yet…
Of Franco-Nigerian origin, he draws from the spiritual world of Yoruba culture as much as from European folklore, numerous symbols and figures, but also sounds, images and materials, to produce a mixed, powerful and vibrant work.
The strength of his aesthetic discourse probably stems from the fragility he agrees to share with us. An incomparable sensitivity on edge, which catches us at first sight and gradually infiltrates deep within us.

Guided tour by artist, click here !

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Interview with artist